Bayshore Bikeway

The Bayshore Bikeway is a bike path that will extend 24 miles around San Diego Bay. The current length of the built bikeway is about 13 of the planned 24 miles (not including the two spurs on Saturn Boulevard and up to H Street from Marina Parkway). Planning for the bikeway began in the 1970s. In 2006, SANDAG updated the Bayshore Bikeway Plan, identifying an alignment using railroad, utility, and other public rights-of-way. Construction of the bikeway is paid for by federal, state, and local funds, including the regional Transnet half-cent sales tax administered by SANDAG. Transnet dollars help leverage state and federal funds. The bikeway is part of SANDAG’s Regional Bike Plan, an overall vision for bicycling facilities in San Diego County, that takes riders through some of the most scenic areas in San Diego County, as well as to employment centers around San Diego Bay. The Bayshore Bikeway is not just a regional asset however; it is part of the California Coastal Trail, an initiative of the California Coastal Conservancy to create a 1,200-mile network of public trails from Oregon to Mexico.

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