Chula Vista University

The concept of locating a four-year university in Chula Vista was introduced back in 1993, when the Otay Ranch General Development Plan was adopted. Land acquisition got underway in 2007 when 230 acres, some of it open space, were transferred to the City by developers Brookfield Shea and the EastLake Company. In April 2008, another 50 acres were acquired from the Otay Land Company. On May 20, 2008, Councilmembers unanimously approved the transfer of 160 acres from JPB Development to the City of Chula Vista. That transfer brought the total acreage for the University Park and Research Center site to approximately 375 acres. Total acreage transferred to the City is valued from $250-$300 million. In return for the land, the City will allow developers to add more residential units to their existing plans and process their entitlements in a more streamlined way. The addition of the final acreage marks the end of land negotiations and the beginning of an intensive period of university and college recruitment. In the agreement with the Otay Land Company, the company pledged two million dollars toward the recruitment efforts.

The city-owned campus will contain a four-year university, a technology park, and a global energy research center. The campus will offer an opportunity to focus research and training on renewable energy sources and environmentally-friendly manufacturing and construction processes. The campus will also house the prestigious charter school High Tech High Chula Vista. The charter school, which will focus on life sciences and environmental education, is currently under construction on an eight-acre site at the corner of Hunte Parkway and Discovery Falls Road.

The area surrounding the campus will host a mix of residential, retail, office, and light industrial assets that will support the campus.

The project site is about 1,281 acres and is generally located south of main st/rock mountain rd, east of heritage rd, north of the otay river valley and west of salt creek canyon. The area is currently in a vacant, natural state. The project site involves three land owners, OLC, JPB Development, and the city.

  • OLC – portions of Villages 4, 7, and the EUC and all of Village 8 West and 9

  • JPB – Village 8 East and portion of Planning Area 10 (University and RTP site)

  • City – portion of Planning Area 10

GP and GDP Amendments made on 2/26/13 (good for 2 years):

  • Up to 6,050 units

  • 1.8 million sq ft of commercial and office

  • Relocate RTP from Village 8 East to PA10

  • Reduce RTP from 200 to 85 acres

    • Increase FAR from 0.25-0.75 to 0.25-2.0

The City will be considering the SPA plans, EIRs, and tentative maps in Spring 2013.

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