A message from our partner San Diego County Water Authority:

Good afternoon, San Diego County leaders.

This time of year, everyone gets ready for the changing seasons – and the Water Authority is no exception. We started our annual “shutdown season” this week. That means for the next six months, sections of our large-scale aqueducts will be taken offline for maintenance to ensure a safe and reliable water supply.

The behind-the-scenes effort that goes into maintaining the region’s massive water infrastructure is among the most important services we provide because it minimizes the chances of costly unexpected shutdowns of the pipelines. For context, it’s helpful to remember that most of these pipelines are large enough for people to walk through.

Water Authority staff continually assess and inspect 310 miles of large-diameter pipelines, which provide treated and untreated water to 24 member agencies across San Diego County. Our Asset Management Program is widely recognized for pioneering work – including a patented inspection device.

The Water Authority has worked for months to coordinate the complex shutdown season with affected retail water agencies throughout the county. In addition to the current upgrades on Pipeline 5, a series of three shutdowns on the Water Authority’s First Aqueduct is scheduled from December through April so we can reline portions of the aqueduct and perform other vital maintenance.

All this work is scheduled during low-demand periods to minimize impacts on water service. Customers may check with their water utility if they have questions about any localized impacts.

I’m also pleased to announce that a new Hauck Mesa storage reservoir in northern Escondido is ready to come online in November. This major construction project, which began in March 2021, will increase operational flexibility by balancing the flow of treated water between the agency’s first and second aqueducts as well as ensure water deliveries can be maintained even if power supplies are interrupted. Projects like this are also part of the work that goes on mostly behind the scenes every day of the year to keep the water flowing.

The reliability of our region’s drinking water system is always at the forefront of our efforts, and I appreciate your ongoing support of this work. Click here to learn more about our asset management efforts.

Sandra L. Kerl
General Manager
San Diego County Water Authority