The South County EDC would like to introduce the new web portal and all of the features available to you and our community.  The development of this new product took several approaches focusing on enhancing and supporting our community, providing insight and visibility to all things South County, and to providing value for those invested in the SCEDC.  The new look and feel comes with a slew of tools and resources for businesses both here in the community and those looking to become part of the South County of San Diego.  This is not a static site but a portal which will evolve and grow to meet the needs of an ever changing community.

For businesses here in the community looking to grow and those who are looking to enter the market will want to look at some of the tools and resources we have recently added.  As a way to assist all businesses with finding information to assist in decision making processes we have begun the development of several data tools.  The first of these is available at the outset of our new web portal with access to demographic information by zip code and through the census.  Additionally for everything from starting your business to employee assistance and training programs you will want to visit our tools and resources page.  If you are looking for your next or bigger location we have enabled a site search assistant as well as a job board for those looking to connect with companies here in South County.

In an effort to create visibility and a central location for all of the amazing programming and offerings of our members here in South County we have added both a member calendar and member profile feature.  The member calendar affords our invested partners the opportunity to highlight their programs and events through a calendar feature located on our homepage.  As another tremendous benefit for our partners we have provided you with a member profile.  This profile will serve as a webpage within the portal where you can highlight your business through text, images, video, or many other mediums.

The aforementioned features are just a few of the new enhancements to, we encourage you to visit the platform.  For our investors you have received individual log in credentials via email and we will be resending this over the coming weeks.  As you begin to explore and utilize our new and improved tools we are here to assist with any questions or needs you may come across.