For more than thirty years the South County EDC has been bringing our communities together to discuss key issues of focus for the region through our Economic Summit.  To enhance the amazing insights on focused programs having come from the Summit we are launching a forum series.  Over the coming year we will host three forums in the areas of Real Estate, Workforce, and the Binational Region.  The forums will each take an in depth look at the topic and afford us an opportunity to bring industry leaders together.

The first of these will be the Real Estate Forum in June with a holistic look at trends, data, and real-world examples.  During the forum we will have a presentation discussing how the various sectors of real estate have been impacted by COVID and what we see on the horizon.  There will be breakouts focused on commercial, residential, and industrial real estate.  We will also bring together individuals from the finance, civic, and business community to look at change of uses, housing, and business needs.

Later in the year our second forum will focus on the changing landscape of the workforce dynamic.  We will hear from employers about what their future employee will look like and what needs they have.  Discussions will also surround specific industries and how we can look to prepare for the future jobs being created surrounding these industries.  Additionally, there will be opportunities to speak with potential employees about their needs and what they would like to see.

The binational relationship in our region is at the center of every part of our communities and the SCEDC is invested in ensuring we foster it.  Having employers on both sides of the border share insights into the makeup and needs of their workforce will help shape discussion.  Working with local governments to facilitate programming enhancing operations in our region is of the utmost importance.  With an open and frank look at what works and what needs to be improved on we can continue the tremendous growth of businesses across the region.

As always, the committed partnership we have convened in the South County will help shape the future for residents and businesses alike.  The South County EDC will continue to serve as the catalyst for growth and prosperity in South County.  We invite you to be part of these exciting discussions.  In the coming weeks we will be announcing speakers and breakout discussions being shaped today by a diverse group of community leaders.

For all the latest programming visit our calendar.

If you missed last year’s Economic Summit.