Chula Vista Forum on Tools To Improve California Housing - South County EDC
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The South County Economic Development Council was proud to participate in the Chula Vista Forum on Tools to Improve California Housing, hosted by the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce, PSAR, and ourselves. The event brought together key stakeholders to discuss strategies for enhancing housing in California. The Event was moderated by Jim O’Callaghan, President and CEO of South County EDC. Also special thank you to our speakers at the event including Senator Steve Padilla and Assemblymember David Alvarez, who provided insightful discussions on the current state of housing in California and the ways in which we can improve it.

The event was sponsored by Republic Services, and we appreciate their support in making this important event possible. As an organization dedicated to promoting economic growth and development in South County, we were pleased to have the opportunity to contribute towards a brighter future for housing in our community. We believe that housing is a critical component of economic development, and we will continue to work towards finding solutions that benefit all members of our community. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the Chula Vista Forum on Tools to Improve California Housing. We look forward to continuing the conversation and finding ways to improve housing in California.