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In order to better serve the businesses in South County we have engaged in video conferences with business leaders. The goal of the calls was twofold, first to understand what businesses needed while facing this unprecedented time and second to help disseminate the most current information. Over the past two weeks these calls have evolved from general business video conferences to industry specific.

Working with the industry specific groups has allowed us to look deeper at areas impacting a segment and work to connect them with the resources needed. Each group has faced unique needs and highlighted different opportunities. When businesses connect with like businesses, they can share best practices. Additionally, there has been an eagerness to share resources and contacts.

Many people on the calls have shared a concern about not having the most up to date information or even sure if the information they have is correct. To curb this, the calls start with an update on guidelines and protocol as we see the opening of San Diego continue to draw closer. Our CEO Jim O’Callaghan has been facilitating these calls and briefs the group on daily changes.

Over the coming weeks the South County Economic Development Council will continue to conference with businesses in the county. During these conferences we want to hear from you as new needs arise, or uncertainty develops. Together we can continue to prepare one another for the next phase in recovery.

To take part in one of the upcoming calls please contact us at We will inform you of the upcoming calls. Be sure to visit our website for the most current information and resources at