Preparing for the Recovery - South County EDC
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The South County Economic Development Council is partnered with a tremendous group of civic organizations, to help chart a path to success as the region prepares to re-launch the local economy. Due to the foresight and leadership of Supervisor Cox and Mayor Faulconer the County and City of San Diego have been looking at what a reopened economy will require. These groups have been meeting several times a week with an eye on the how not the when of bringing San Diego back from the current State of Emergency.

Businesses and residents will be faced with a new reality and need to be prepared to operate within guidelines designed to protect people while providing an opportunity for some normalcy. As the group has met there has been extensive discussion about resources and education needed to meet these demands. Reliable and accurate information will be as valuable as PPE and other new elements to doing business as a result of COVID.

Over the past several weeks to help shape our message within these working groups the South County EDC has been conducting extensive outreach. The data gathered through surveying our region has provided tremendous insight into the changing trends of doing business remotely and limiting exposure to those who cannot. Through small working groups it has become apparent there is a need for clear, concise, and timely communication. We also heard from businesses they would like to be connected with people in similar sectors to share best practices.

As our economy begins to open the SCEDC is committed to standing alongside businesses of all size as we together welcome our neighbors and customers back. This week we begin sector specific conference calls with the intent of assisting each other map out the coming days and weeks. Additionally, work is being done to help source access to necessary PPE for businesses in the region. We will continuously update our Coronavirus Resource Page on the website to ensure accurate and timely communication is available to all.

Now more than ever the South County Economic Development Council seeks to be a resource for you as you look for answers to some of the biggest questions faced. There is not a one size fits all response to which steps forward will need to be taken but if you face uncertainty, we are here to connect you with guidance and support.